Saturday, 20 January 2018

'Happy Birthday to You' Papercut Card

I know, it's shocking, I have another Birthday card made on my Cricut! I think the excitement of having the machine is contributing to the amount I use it. I consider making a card in another way, and then I think, I could Cricut it! So I do. This was a simple cut out from black card with my favourite marble background papers! And some mini silver gems and silver stars to bling it up, it is a Birthday card afterall!

Saturday, 13 January 2018

Pink Floral Birthday Card

I made this lovely pretty birthday card for my Mum, using my Cricut. I used a textured cream card as the base, and cut it using design #M21136F in Cricut's Design Space. I also cut it out again in a dark pink pearl paper, and cut out individual flowers for highlights. I even used some leftover flowers to pretty up the envelope (apparently I need some cream envelopes, I could only find white in my cupboard!) I used my Cricut to write "happy birthday" on to pale pink paper in Cricut Sans, and added miniature silver gems to the dark pink flowers for added interest. I love how effective and feminine this card is, and I love that my Cricut allows me to guarantee neat writing on my cards - no more slipping hands!

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Papercut Thank You Card

I made this card quite early in my Cricut adventure-ing. Hence the tiny crease where it shouldn't be...! The papercut is done in this amazing dark blue/gold card my Dad gave me - you can see how much it changes depending upon the light. The colourful background is from my favourite collection of marble printable papers, and there's some gold liquid pearls for accents :)

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