Sunday, 25 June 2017

Crochet Stegosaurus

Confession: I've never really got "into" dinosaurs. They've always felt scary and not caught my interest. Dragons on the other hand? Love them. Metallic scales, huge wings, breathing fire and jewel encrusted stomachs? Awesome.

Anyway. This dinosaur I do love. He's cute and friendly, and loves roaming through overgrown grass. He has four cute tubby feet and amazing pink spikes. I crocheted him using Stylecraft DK (still leftovers from my rainbow blanket!), following this pattern by The Button Ship. The pattern works in a new way to me, as it requires you to break your yarn and restart in a different place. But I think the finished look is worth it.


Saturday, 27 May 2017

Perfectly Parchment Cards

I used to do parchment craft with my sister when I was younger, but when she left home I no longer had access to it - being the youngest has it's pros and cons! Thankfully the other year I inherited a set of parchment craft tools and some stencils, so I just had to buy myself some paper in order to get back to it!

I really enjoy doing parchment craft, poking the different sized holes through the parchment, and applying pressure in areas to almost "colour" the paper white. It can look so effective, especially when combined with solid colours and simple embellishments.

The most difficult part about using parchment paper in cards is finding the right adhesive, as many show through. I personally found it best to work the adhesive around the design so it was best disguised, for example PVA behind a white area, glue dots behind a highly patterned area, or adding a split pin as part of the overall design. It can also work to leave a larger border around it to stick it down and then frame with another piece of card. I think I need to buy myself some more stencils!

Monday, 22 May 2017

The Perfect Cup of Tea [Card]

How beautiful is this cup of tea?! I found it in a series of free printables of British biscuits here. It includes watercolour illustrations of (my favourite) party rings, custard creams, and this gorgeous cup and saucer. I mounted the cup and saucer on some cream hammer card, and pink polka dot paper which is included in the printables. I used Liquid Pearls for the added details - you know I can't resist a bit of shimmer or sparkle! A lovely, pretty, summery card. I think I'll be using these downloads a bit more in the future!

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Pua Sketch [Moana]

We're a bit Moana-mad in our household. No, we don't have any children... But who can resist songs as catchy as "You're Welcome" and characters as adorable as Pua the pig?! Not us, that's for sure. Though personally I'm more of the village crazy lady!

Anyway, when deciding on a Birthday card for my husband I couldn't resist doing a little sketch of Pua for him. I drew it in 2B, which is basically my favourite pencil ever, and added some colour with some very old WHSmith colouring pencils. They still do a good value pack of 36 colouring pencils, but I find my old ones have softer leads.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Totally Turquoise: Butterflies

Whilst on my turquoise spree last month I also got a bit distracted with some other free printables I found on Create and Craft. Specifically, these Debbi Moore Flutterby Dreams.

The PDF file includes some lovely imagery to use as card toppers, as well as some sentiments and paper. I opened the PDF in Photoshop to tweak the images so that it only printed the elements I wanted and at the sizes I wanted, and assembled the bits to make these two cards.

I added extra sparkle to both cards with Liquid Pearls, mini gems and pearlescent paper. Some of the shapes in this download are a bit fiddly to cut, but with a bit of patience they worked out ok!

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Totally Turquoise

When I was very young, I was convinced the word "turquoise" had the letter 'b' in it. Odd, I know.

Anyway. Have you ever finished several card making sessions only to realise all the cards you have made are in the same colour scheme? That was my accident last month. Not that I'm complaining, they're rather pretty! Turquoise is a lovely colour, it's soft without being overtly feminine, and it's fresh without being garishly bright.

I found that this embellishment was a great size to use with my circle punch. The great thing about printables is that you can adjust the scale when printing if it's not quite fitting right! I layered it up with some other circles, including some I cut from a silver glitter tape that I love and some small gems.

I forgot to properly photograph this card, so I'm afraid this is just a snap from my phone. I used an amazing glitter embossing powder which happened to match perfectly with my pearlised deep turquoise paper! These mini gems are great for adding extra detail to cards, and rather than mounting the stamped card on top, I punched through the turquoise to see the flower below - it's a small difference but it made a nice change for me!

Turquoise carries the neutral tones of grey, brown and cream beautifully, and this time I added some "bling" with Liquid Pearls. This is another great product for adding to cards, especially when you want a thin card to travel through the post!

I used the glitter tape again with this card. By simply sticking lengths of it to a piece of card, it becomes something you can use as a paper, for example with punches. It's so sparkly the joins aren't obvious! I love how this card plays with different scales of the same pattern.

I think most of the imagery I've used in these cards, for example the embellishments and patterned papers, were all free printables found online. I'm not sure of exactly where, but Sizzix is definitely worth checking out :)

Friday, 28 April 2017

Tractor Card

I've mentioned my use of the wonderful Wallies before, when I made the Plane Card. This time I used the tractor sticker to make a Birthday card for a young boy growing up in North Wales. I mounted the sticker on some brown packaging paper - I love using this when I want a more rustic look as it adds a new texture and a break from colour. I then mounted it on a striped background from a free printable papers collection (have a Google, it's a treasure chest!) I also added some holographic tape to the tractor, because even tractors should sparkle sometimes!

Monday, 24 April 2017

Polka Dot Unicorn Card

In the masses of craft supplies I have inherited over recent years were some die cut sheets from Lili of the Valley, including a collection of unicorns. This unicorn is mounted on some awesome polka dot paper I received free with a magazine, some textured cream card and some pearlised dark turquoise paper. I added some extra glitter to the unicorn's horn, because what's a unicorn without some sparkle?! These are such cute creatures, and the fact that they're pre-cut make card making a breeze! I did have to trim them slightly to smooth off edges, but I will consider buying more in the future.

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Easter Greetings!

Just a couple of quick Easter cards I made! I want to really helpfully share the source I used for the imagery, as I found them online as free printables. Uselessly, I cannot find the source. I will update if I stumble upon it again!

Happy Easter :)

Friday, 14 April 2017

Felt Bunny Ears for Easter!

In a shop the other day, my husband and I found some lovely fluffy bunny ears. The problem? The ones I liked only came attached to small sized headbands. I may have the wishes of a child but my head size is slightly bigger, so I came home and made my own!

These were so quick and easy to make! I simply cut 4 pieces out of brown felt and 2 out of pale pink. I dusted my sewing machine off (I haven't touched it in a while!) and attached the pink inner ears to the brown outer ears. I then placed two of the brown ears together and stitched down one side. I inserted a piece of card (smaller than the felt) inside and stitched back down the other side of the ear. This card gives the ears the strength to stand up! I finished the ends of the ears with a small piece of velcro - the "hook" side - so that they can be folded over any narrow headband! I think next time I'll make this flap a bit longer, but other than that I love them... I may be imagining reindeer antlers and who knows what else for the future!

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Tried and Tested Tip Number 33 [VHS Cases for Small Projects]

I'm one of those slightly odd people who still has a bookcase full of VHS. I even have a VHS player, although it didn't work the last time I tried using it... Anyway, I've realised it's about time I get rid of some of these VHS tapes and cases. Only, it seems such a waste to throw them all away if I can find alternate uses for them!

I recently began a new sewing kit ('The Good Life' by Dimensions) and as normal it came in a small cellophane bag which isn't very easy to work with. I grabbed one of my empty VHS cases, and it all fitted together so well! I was able to put the picture of the cross stitch in the cover slot, so I knew what the project was.

Inside it fitted the chart, fabric, threads, and my pencil and scissors (both, of course, with lids). And when open, the lid of the box even worked as a stand for my pattern! It is so much easier to pick the box up to take out, and I know it's safer in my bag this way. I'm so pleased with the set up, now just to find something to do with the rest of them...

Thursday, 9 March 2017

A Cuppa Cocoa Card

I made this card for someone who loves their warm comforting drinks! I felt like experimenting with my beautiful Whispers Strokes pens, and I blended them using my water brushes - they are so convenient. I love how I can layer up these water-based pens to add shading, and I took extra joy in drawing the layer of whipped cream with just hints of gentle colour. I wanted some extra sparkle so added some glitter paint to finish off. Just a shame it's not edible!

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